Yay! South Sudan!

IMG_4366Greetings from Yei, South Sudan. Yay! South Sudan! We made it! Now that we are on the ground here at the Harvesters Reaching the Nations compound in Yei, I can officially tell you that Aubrey and Caleb survived the 15 hour flight from Dallas, the 14 hour layover in Doha, Qatar, the 6½ hour flight to Entebbe, Uganda, the day and a night spent there and then the final flight to finally land in Yei (the planes just seem to get smaller and smaller). Much more to our surprise, Katie and TJ have both survived as well. And honestly, it wasn’t really that bad! We are incredibly thankful for children being willing to both eat and sleep on airplanes, for a comfortable place to stay in both Doha and Entebbe, and overall for very minimal stress travelling; it was better than we could have expected.

Coffee in Qatar after the red-eye


Highlights of the transit section of our trip include the awesome bassinet seats on Qatar Airways (seriously request these if you ever fly overseas with a baby!), swimming and playing at Hamad Intl. Airport at 2 am because the kids’ suprachiasmatic nuclei had no idea it was time to be sleeping, and especially spending Friday afternoon at the Entebbe Zoo before eating pizza on the beach. If you find yourself travelling through Entebbe, Uganda, we can highly recommend the Lake Victoria View Guest House.

Playing at the airport. 3:30 AM.
photo 2
Watching Cinderella at the Lake Victoria View Guest House


Finally in Yei, it was a joy to be reunited with Jeff and Elizabeth and their 8 children (perryclan.com). TJ first met the Perry’s in La Junta and Rocky Ford Colorado during medical school as a 3rd year student. They were preparing for the mission field back then and the family took to Katie and Chuck right away. We helped them packed their many, many bags (can you imagine moving a family of 10 to Africa?) before they left and have been looking forward to this trip ever since. Jeff has given TJ a couple of days to get acclimated, so hospital work will start tomorrow. In the meantime, we have been getting settled in to our awesome 2-bedroom guest house, recovering from our (very mild) jet lag, and visiting with the long and short term missionaries here.


Thank you for following our adventure! We can’t wait to share with you about life here in South Sudan, about how the kids are adapting to Africa, about TJ’s work at the hospital, and all the things God is doing here in Yei. We are sharing in this adventure with our good friend Alex Rodriguez and hope he’ll contribute the occasional post. Please keep us in your prayers and leave us a comment or send us an e-mail (or text, because apparently you can do that now no matter where in the world you are!).


One thought on “Yay! South Sudan!

  1. I enjoyed the pictures. I’m glad the trip went well.I’m glad we will be able to keep in touch. Hug your precious little ones for me. I love all of you !


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